Just had a fun year 7 puberty lesson... They had a lifesize outline of male and female and in 2 groups they had to annotate them with changes as you go through puberty. They really got into it

Year 7 plasticine pollination. Each pupil Makes plasticine pollen (can discuss dispersal as they make spiky, smooth etc pollen grains), then make stigma out of plasticine. Show first, then do as a class.... Here comes the pollen.... (swoop pollen towards stigma) Pollen 'sticks' onto stigma Much hilarity as kids try to make their pollen bury itself in the stigma (making a pollen tube Big bang as pollen in pollen tube reaches egg Kids curl up as embryo plant in seed And leap out of their seats (noisily) in the manner of music and movement ..and becomes a new PLANT!!

Watcheda colleague teach structure of DNA with liquorice allsorts (as in SSR) love the idea and will do it myself next yr DNA models with different sweets for the four bases, sugar and phosphate groups, threaded onto bits of wire and hung from 2 clamp stands was very popular with a level and KS4 classes. I take in flash antibac wipes and wipe down benches and kids before and after.